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CEO of Persuae'Inc

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey. Getting into lashes was a dream and goal. It started off as a casual situation where I would put lashes on to eccentuate my look. I would try natural, medium, extreme and the final blow was elegance. So one day I decided to map out a plan in the year 2020 to create my own lash line. I had to think of a name,a logo, the packaging, the kind of lashes I wanted and the list goes on. Eventually I was able to depict my plan by searching for a vendor which led me to pick out 7 lashes that coincides with the name of the company. I would like to formally introduce you to my lash line " Persuae'Inc". This lash line is innovative and it has seven different perspectives 1.perfection, 2.essence, 3.radiance, 4.sensual, 5.unique, 6.ambiance, 7.elegance. If you haven't lashed-out with persuaeinc than you don't know what your experiencing💙🤍💜

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